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How to download mantras after purchasing the Ancient Chants from India - Gold Edition?

The steps to downloading your mantras after completing the purchase of the Gold Edition bundle
Aditya N
Updated 1 year ago
During purchase, you will be asked to register with an email ID. This email ID is where you will receive all communication from us, including the mail on how to access all your mantra albums.

Click on this link to purchase the bundle containing 16 Mahakatha albums of mantras and music.

On completion of purchase, you will receive a mail titled "Access your purchase from Mahakatha Meditation Mantras". If it is not in your inbox, check the spam folder as well.

Here are the steps to download the mantras from the Ancient Chants from India - Gold Edition:

(1) Click here to go to the login page. Login to the members area with your email ID and the password you set during your first purchase.
If you have forgotten your password, click on this link to reset your password using your registered email ID.

(2) Once logged in, you will be in the 'My Products' section. There you will see the 'Ancient Chants from India - Gold Edition' option. Click on it.

(3) Once here, you'll see 3 sections:
  • Download the Mantras
  • Bonuses
  • Single-Click Download

(4) Under the 'Download the Mantras' section, you'll see the 16 albums that are part of the Gold Edition bundle, listed one below the other. To the right of each button, you will see a 'Start' button.

Clicking on it will take you to the Album area, where you will see each mantra in it and a PDF chanting guide.

Clicking on any of these icons will initiate the download of that mantra. They will be in MP3 format, and playable on any device. This way, you can individually pick the mantras to store on your device.

On the left panel, are the other 15 albums, and you can click on any one to navigate to that album area, and repeat this process.

(5) The 'Bonuses' section has a 'Start' button to the right. Click on it to see 16 resources that you can download.

There are PDF files, MP3 audio meditations and video demonstrations that you can download and use to boost your meditation practice. Click on the resource you want, to start the download.

(6) The Single-Click Download Section allows you to download your mantras and bonuses in bulk. In this section, you can download an entire album with a single click.
This way, you can download the entire collection quickly, one album at a time.
Click on 'Start' in the Single-Click Download section.
Once here, you'll see the number of every album in the Gold Edition bundle. Next to each album is the size of the file associated with that album.

The time taken to download one of these albums could be from 2-5 minutes, depending on your internet connection. In case download is interrupted due to net or server issues, simply click on the same resource again to restart download.

Clicking on the album initiates a download of a ZIP file that has the MP3 mantra files and chanting guide wherever applicable.
To extract the ZIP file, you can use WinRAR for Windows and B1 Archiver for Android devices. For iOS, you can try the iZip app.
Using the app for your device, extract the downloaded Zip file to get the MP3 audio files.
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